write a book or make something neat that you'd like us to carry?

Local and self-published authors and makers of whimsy—if you'd like to see your work at blue manatee, complete the form below and follow these guidelines. 

Before submitting, please consider the following:

  • Please send a physical copy of your book to our store: 3094 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209. Please note: unless you can pick the book up at the store, or send a self-addressed and stamped envelope, this copy will not be returned.
  • A book sells best when it conforms to customer and industry expectations for finished books.
  • Books should be professionally published, have a bound and printed spine, display a bar code with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and have a suggested retail price printed on its exterior.
  • Your book or artwork should be priced comparably to other books (or items) of its type.
  • We exclusively carry books and sidelines items for children.
  • Handmade items or self-published books will be purchased on consignment until proven to be salable at blue manatee. 
  • We receive many inquiries, and we try our best to respond within two weeks. Be patient and follow the process for best results. 


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