About Us

Our Manatee Mission:

Like many good things in life, blue manatee was inspired by serendipity.  Fueled by a desire to revive an endangered place for families to explore the wonderful world of ideas, it is our goal to evolve and endure, and to grow stronger as we go. 

Mind.  We seek to provide the best in children's books and related activities, hand-picked for their potential to engage young minds and stand the test of time.  We resist the commercialization and digitization of children's "content," where a TV show equals a video game, equals a website, equals a book.  We reject the notion of omnipotent celebrity, where "famous" equals "good writer" - sometimes true, usually not.  Most of all, we embrace the glorious analog brain, and the importance of reading, conversation, and real-world experience for children to reach their full potential.

Space.  Since inspiring ideas deserve an inspiring space, we seek to be an ecosystem of color and creativity: robust, diverse, and uniquely local, if imperiled by chain stores akin to massive, chemically-treated lawns.  Our inventory will borrow from Goldilocks: not too big, not too small, just right.  Sections and shelves will be well-organized, with developmental stages in mind.  We will provide welcoming places for families to read together.  If we are out of a title, we will offer to order it, and welcome suggestions.  And since grand journeys are aided by guides, our expert staff will always strive to match selections with each child, as unique as they are.

Experience.  We will strive to provide engaging events tailored to our local audience.  We will develop affordable, innovative programs hosted by passionate people, and continually improve them.  We will seek partnerships with area schools and non-profit groups to benefit those in need.  We will source sustainable products, recycle, and operate in the most energy-efficient way possible.  And most of all, we will seek to be a destination for families, an active participant in our community, and a fun place to work; a unique, inspiring place where kids will take their own children someday.  

blue manatee - humanity.  

More than just a nifty rhyme.