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14 Hollow Road

Autographed copies of 14 Hollow Road are available at blue manatee or through online orders! A warm coming-of-age novel about a community banding together in the wake of a tornado, perfect for fans of reader favorites like Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff. The night of the sixth-grade dance is supposed to be perfect for Maddie; she’ll wear her beautiful new dress, she’ll hit the dance floor with her friends, and her crush… read more »

A Day With Monster

What does Monster do all day? Find out as we follow him from morning to bedtime! A companion to Cheer Up, Monster!, this fun and funny book perfect for little hands uses bright photographs of hand-felted objects (and monsters!) to show the way.… read more »

A New School Year

In a unique narrative, readers meet a diverse group of six children ranging in age from Kindergarten through fifth grade. With nerves and excitement each child gears up for a new school year by hustling in the morning, meeting new teachers and new classmates during the day, and heading home with homework and relief by day’s end.  Simple, bright illustrations focus on each child and his/her worries, hopes, and successes on the first day of school.… read more »

A New School Year

In a unique narrative, readers meet a diverse group of six children ranging in age from Kindergarten through fifth grade. With nerves and excitement each child gears up for a new school year by hustling in the morning, meeting new teachers and new classmates during the day, and heading home with homework and relief by day’s end.  Simple, bright illustrations focus on each child and his/her worries, hopes, and successes on the first day of school.… read more »


Written by a pediatrician and health literacy expert, ADH-Me! is an empathetic journey from the perspective of a child learning to live and succeed with ADHD. An accessible, rhyming narrative and inviting illustrations help families know what to expect from diagnosis through stages of treatment, while reminding all readers that love and support are the surest means to a happy ending.… read more »

After the Fall

MEET DAN SANTAT AT BRAZEE STREET STUDIOS ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8th at 1:30! Pre-order your copy of AFTER THE FALL to receive a line number for this exclusive event. Line numbers will be required.  Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat's picture book about the aftermath of Humpty Dumpty's famous fall—and Humpty's determination to overcome his fear to reach great new heights. Everyone knows that when Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. But what happened after? Th… read more »


"Snowball, clay ball, game ball, play ball!” Rediscover the joy and fun to be had with balls of all kinds—beach balls, baseballs, snowballs, and more! Updated text and brand-new illustrations make this book from the award-winning Baby Unplugged™ series the perfect tool for inspiring healthy, active play.… read more »


“So many different ways to reach, a sunny place to play—the beach!” A celebration of the sandy, salty, wet, and wonderful place we cherish, Beach is sure to inspire the next generation of sandcastle architects, marine biologists, and singer-songwriters.… read more »

Black & White Nighty-Night

This unique concept book combines the ever-popular bedtime nursery rhyme with contemporary high-contrast illustrations, specifically designed with babies in mind. The youngest readers and their families will delight in the gentle story of an owl saying goodnight to barnyard friends as they snuggle into bed. Bold, black-and-white illustrations will capture babies' interest, as the soothing rhymes lull them to sleep.… read more »


"Blanket snuggled and cuddled so tight..." A celebration of blankets: their sublime, enduring comfort, their fuzz, even their smell! … read more »


“Some love sticks, some love rocks - I love to play with blocks!” A celebration of blocks and their many forms: big, small, alphabet, colorful, plain. Whether stacking or sorting, pondering or playing, fun and invention abound!… read more »


“Sunshine helps grow a flower. Books bloom with people power!” A celebration of books: turning pages, discovering letters, words, friends, places and imagination. Whether it’s adventure time, story time, or bedtime, sure to inspire togetherness and the next generation of readers and wordsmiths.… read more »


“Birthday present. New shoes. Boxes! So fun to choose.” No matter the gift, it’s what kids want to play with. A celebration of the endless possibility they discover in this unplugged classic. Sure to inspire the next generation of architects, artists, scientists, and reduce-reuse-recyclers.… read more »

Bunnies Near and Far

Farmer Bo wants to know where his bunnies are. Some are near, some are far, some are walking and some in a car, but all are as cute as can be! Little ones will learn counting and opposites in this fun tale of bunnies on the go. Part of the RoyGBaby series.… read more »

Cheer Up, Monster!

Monster is sad. I wonder what will cheer him up? Does he want a carrot? A box? His blanket? Or something even more special? Find out in this simple, fun story, told through real photographs of hand-felted objects.… read more »

Don't Blink

Think you can win a staring contest against an elephant? What about a gorilla, a cheetah, a fox, or an alligator? What about all them—AND a bunch of their other animal friends—at the same time? You're about to find out! Whatever you do DON'T BLINK! Readers will enjoy testing their own staring skills against a vibrant assortment of characters in this interactive picture book from talented new author Tom Booth.… read more »

Good Day, Good Night

Cincinnati's own Loren Long illustrates this never-before published work by children's literature legend Margaret Wise Brown.  When the sun comes up and the day begins, the little bunny says good day to all the familiar things outside. To the birds in the skies and the bees in their hives, to everything one by one. And as the sun starts to set, it’s time for the little bunny to say goodnight. Goodnight, kitty. Goodnight, bear. Goodnight, people everywhere. Author Margaret Wise Br… read more »

Hungry Henry

A read-aloud, fictional story with photographs of real food designed to look like friendly animals offers young readers a fun way to recognize and enjoy healthy foods! Join Henry on an imaginative dreamland adventure as he meets a blueberry sheep, a waffle turtle, and more. With each turn of the page, Henry grows hungrier and hungrier. Will he wake up to the breakfast of his dreams? Find out in this charming tale of healthy, playful food creations—perfect for inspiring nutritious choices t… read more »

I See, You See: Day

Visit moments of baby's day from sun up to sun down, like a stroll in the park, bath time, and more! Children and their grownups alike will enjoy spotting the three hidden objects on each page of baby's day. High-contrast, cut-paper illustrations are perfect for babies' developing eyes in this engaging seek-and-find.… read more »

I Want to Be a Drummer!

Perfect for children who show an interest in music and instruments from an early age! Daniel wants to be a drummer, but he doesn't have any drums. Follow along as he finds the musicality in everyday objects he discovers right at home, then have fun creating your very own drum set, sounds, and rhythms! A fun reminder that the joy of making music can be found anywhere.… read more »

Letters Are For Learning

In this fantastic concept book, perfect for building early literacy skills and a fun addition to a child’s first library, the alphabet is introduced through bright and clever illustrations of animals and actions. From an anteater adding ants on an abacus to a chef-capped crab cooking chicken, these alliterative animals are sure to prove just how very voweluable learning the alphabet can be!… read more »

Lloyd Llama

Lloyd Llama loves many things: lollipops, spelling, cello, and the color yellow—anything with a double L, really! Will he ever learn to get along with his new classmate Al Alpaca, who has an affinity for all things beginning with the letter A, like apples, art, and air guitar? The two characters settle their differences with the help of their favorite letters in this alliterative adventure.… read more »

Melvin the Mouth

Melvin is an imaginative and noisy little boy who grows up to be Mel Blanc, Looney Tunes cartoon character pioneer and the voice behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, the Tasmanian Devil, and so many more familiar personalities. Readers are treated to a typical day for young Melvin, when ordinary tasks like getting ready for school, riding the bus, and completing his chores are charged with sound effects and accompanied by his own personal soundtrack. His knack for making funny noises… read more »

Orange, Triangle, Fox

Colors, shapes, critters... three concepts in one make learning fun! Watch colorful native forest animals including red square owl and yellow star frog take shape, teaching basic concepts simultaneously. Rich, sweet watercolor illustrations are a delight for sharing over and over again. Part of the RoyGBaby series. * Recipient of a Publisher's Weekly STARRED REVIEW (2014):  "In this triple threat (at least as far as concept books go), Cincinnati-based author/artist Jones makes a strong debu… read more »


"Touch pets, feel pets, the best are real pets!"  A celebration of pets - real pets, not the virtual kind - and all the fun and love they offer. … read more »


“Wash, eat, tie my shoe. So much to share, so much to do. Roll a ball across the floor. Build a box house with a door…” From books and blocks, to pets and boxes, a perfect way to spend a day, educational as a natural byproduct of a child's desire to play, explore, and connect.… read more »

Ready For Weather

What's the weather like today? Will you need rain boots, a hat, or gloves? Through rainbow color-coordinated pages, young readers will learn to be prepared for all kinds of weather in this newest addition to Sarah Jones's charming ROYGBaby board book series.… read more »

School for Good and Evil #4: Quests for Glory

Meet author Soman Chainani at blue manatee on October 2nd at 6:30pm! With every end comes a new beginning in the fourth installment of Soman Chainani's New York Times bestselling School for Good and Evil series, Quests for Glory. Join Sophie, Agatha, Tedros, and the other students as they begin a new era in the Endless Woods — The Camelot Years — where Evers and Nevers alike must move beyond the bounds of school and into the biggest, boldest adventures of their lives. … read more »

Shark Girl and Belly Button

Shark Girl sees the world in a worried way; Belly Button is more buoyant. Together, they share five "trifles"—light and fluffy or of little importance, depending on one's perspective: writing a letter, making paper dolls, going to a party and the playground, and appreciating the value of things, most especially their friendship.… read more »

Sherm the Germ

Baby's perfect day of play is interrupted by an unwelcome, microbial visitor - the diabolical, yet somehow lovable, Sherm the Germ! Written by pediatrician and health literacy expert Dr. John Hutton, and brought to life through playful - if contagious - illustrations, this fun, rhyming book describes the stages of becoming sick and then all-better.… read more »

Sleepy Bee

Sleepy Bee greets her day with a yawn - so much to do! From sunrise to sunset, she visits fields of strawberries, broccoli, apples, and more, gathering nectar and pollen for her brood. A gentle, rhyming read-aloud with beautiful, full-color, cut paper illustrations connecting flower to food, showing how so much of what we eat is made possible by these amazing, hard-working (sometimes sleepy) friends.… read more »

Sleepy Solar System

Join the planets (and a few friends!) as they settle down into bedtime routines: brushing teeth, reading stories, and asking for one more hug and kiss. Includes a distance chart and "Did You Know?" section featuring facts about our solar system. Rhyming text and whimsical illustrations provide an enchanting read-aloud celebrating the wonders of outer space. Sleepy Solar System is certain to send the imagination soaring!… read more »

The Great Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match

Meet author Elizabeth Eulberg at blue manatee on September 20th at 6:30pm! From internationally bestselling author Elizabeth Eulberg comes a feel-good sequel to The Great Shelby Holmes!  Being friends with a super sleuth isn’t easy, especially when she’s nine years old and four feet tall, and full of attitude. But for eleven-year-old aspiring writer John Watson, being friends with Shelby Holmes is just the adventure he’s looking for. In the few weeks since moving to Harlem… read more »

Things That Surprise You

Meet author Jennifer Maschari here at blue manatee on Saturday, October 14th! A poignant, charming middle grade novel, perfect for fans of The Thing About Jellyfish and Fish in a Tree. A beautifully layered story about navigating the often shifting bonds of family and friendship, and learning how to put the pieces back together when things fall apart. Emily Murphy is about to enter middle school. She's sort of excited…though not nearly as much as her best friend Hazel, who is ready for ev… read more »

Toast to Counting

There are lots of ways to make a friend. What better way than by making toast? First in the Toast to Baby™ series from an award-winning pair of artists. Bright, colorful images of kilnformed glass that look good enough to eat introduce sequencing, counting, and creativity in an innovative and whimsical way. Breakfast was never so beautiful—or fun!… read more »

Toast to Family

"Father Toast, Mother Toast. Sister Toast, Brother Toast." From the award-winning Toast to Baby series, attend a family reunion (including pets!) via vibrant images of kiln-formed glass that look good enough to eat. Young readers will love the bold, funny faces, learn about families, and maybe recognize a few characters. What better activity afterward than to try making some at home - delicious!… read more »

Toast to Feelings

"Happy Toast, Sad Toast, Sweet Toast, Mad Toast..."  From the award-winning Toast to Baby™ series, vibrant images of kiln-formed glass that look good enough to eat convey feelings in an fun new way.  Young readers will love the bold, funny faces, relating to the delicious emotions they convey.… read more »

Turtles All The Way Down

The wait is over! John Green, the #1 bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars, is back. We are receiving a limited number of autographed copies of Turtles All The Way Down, so pre-order yours now! Your pre-order of this book is your ticket to our exclusive release party on Monday, October 9th from 10:30pm to midnight, when we'll be handing out your book!  It all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward.  Turtles All the Way Down is about li… read more »

Walter's Wheels

"This is Walter. He likes wheels. I wonder what his day reveals..." Join Walter the cat as he goes on an imaginative adventure, exploring all the things that move and go: cars, trucks, trains, and more. Bold, colorful, exquisitely detailed illustrations made from art clay are perfect for inspiring creative play.… read more »


"Drop from clouds. Drip from sink. Water to play. Water to drink." A celebration of water and its life-sustaining magic: from puddles to pools, rivers to tubs, sure to inspire the next generation of swimmers, sailors, and biologists.  Perfect for April showers and beyond!… read more »

When We Are Quiet

A calming bedtime book that provides simple steps to help families enjoy the silence. Rooted in the City Silence Project's mission of slowing down the world, turning off our digital devices, and turning on our capacity for stillness, wonder, and creativity, this calming board book is designed to help families rediscover the gentle quiet and its soothing benefits.… read more »

Words For Me!

An old-school word book for the modern baby, Words for Me! is perfect for engaging growing minds. Point and say with baby to learn words from baby's world—animals, vehicles, food, family, and more! The latest from Sarah Jones's ROYGBaby board book series, Words for Me! is a must-have bookshelf staple for beginning libraries.… read more »


"Fresh air, birds sing. Puffy clouds, butterfly wings..." Celebrating the wonder of the outdoors and the magic that can be found in our own backyards, Yard will inspire a new generation of nature lovers.… read more »

Your Red Shoes

Winner of a Gold Medal in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. From wobbly first steps, to exploring the yard, playing in the park, and the day when that first pair of shoes no longer fits, this lyrical story pays tribute to the simple joys of growing up.  Dreamy watercolors and rhythmic text evoke nostalgic memories of the fleeting, magical journey uniting parent and child - was it yesterday or long ago? - on a path promising adventure, independence, and unconditional, enduring love. An id… read more »