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Manatees are mellow mammals, but get excited about their favorite books.  What warms our blood even more at blue manatee is seeing a child find theirs.  For from each bedtime-busting story and impassioned page-turner (" more page, one more chapter, please..."), grows a life-long love of reading.

Peruse some recent favorites by age range below, or join our pod and submit your own reviews!  We will peruse and post (with full credit) promptly.  We also welcome suggestions (series, titles, topics) to help make our in-store selections even better!

blue manatee press

Founded with a mission to create meaningful, enduring books that help bring grownups and children together. For more information, visit

Baby Unplugged

Curriculum? Imagination. Batteries? Nope. Learning? Lots! A blue manatee press series, Baby Unplugged is a celebration of timeless childhood experiences and icons – blankets, yards, pets, books, blocks – each a catalyst for togetherness, rooted in how developing brains work. They are reassurance that “old-school” is not only OK, but the best school there is.

Baby / Toddler

The glorious reading journey starts here. Soft books, board books, bath books, interactive books, even indestructible books! Perfect for chewing, browsing, and sharing for children 0-3 years!

Picture Books

Big stories, big pictures. From rollicking to sweet to sublime, for sharing or solo, our extensive, hand-picked Picture Book section has the best of it all!

Beginning Reader

Learning to read is a pivotal experience in a child's life. With simple sentences and plenty of pictures, these books help get kids excited about reading on their own!

Early Middle Reader

With more words and fewer pictures, these books are perfect for early/mid-elementary-age kids looking for great plots and cool characters!

Advanced Middle Reader

Ready for more of a challenge? Mostly picture-free and longer, these titles take older-elementary and middle school kids on fantastic adventures!

Young Adult

Whether funny, sweet, daring, dramatic, or like their audience, a bit of each, our Young Adult section boasts a well-written yet edgy range for tweens and teens.

Local Authors/Illustrators

Hometown literary heroes: Cincinnati-based children's book authors and illustrators!

Productive Parenting Reads

Recommendations from early childhood experts at our partners, Productive Parenting provides free daily educational play activities for parents to engage in with newborn to five year old children. Productive Parenting members receive a 10% discount and free shipping for orders over $40!