ManaMD: Dirt from the Digital Playground

(dug by our owner, who's a PediMD)

We’re engaged in a huge experiment
where we’ve fundamentally changed
the experience of childhood.” 
- Ed Miller, The Alliance For Childhood


Analog kids, digital age. 

As technology advances, so does its sidekick - distraction. Glorious blur, priceless tool, e-toxin, a bit of each?

ManaMD is a resource for parents, pediatricians, and kids, regarding the health effects of excessive electronic media, the importance of appropriate limits, and WHY reading is so important. You will find recent statistics, timely articles, and helpful links, as well as downloadable handouts.

For more information, comments/questions, partnership suggestions, or to arrange a school or group presentation, call the store or email Dr. John S. Hutton, (Mana)MD.

Digital Playground Data

Mana-Stats: The e-landscape from Atari to the Cloud.  
Data from Recent Medical Literature.

ManaMD Links

Useful links to reputable websites and articles regarding electronic media and kids' health.