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The e-landscape - Atari, GameBoy, and Beyond...

“The negative effects of excessive and inappropriate electronic media are well-described in children, including language delay, obesity, behavioral problems, and poor academic performance.”
- American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Public Education 


Data from Recent Medical Literature:

Screen Time Trends

Recent trends in how, when, where, and how much kids are using electronic media, and what they are doing less as a result.

Tales From the e-Marketplace

Marketing of electronic toys, videos, and programming, and common misconceptions and motivation for their use. 

e-Media Health Effects

Evidence-based effects of excessive electronic media on kids, including risk factors for common problems such as obesity, ADHD, and academic underachievement.

Video Game Bits

Statistics re: and health effects of our virtual, alien-killing, guitar-jamming, simulated lives.  

ManaZZZ - e-effects on Sleep

ManaZZZ...  Effects of excessive electronic media on sleep quality, and the effects of e-insomnia.

Reading At Risk or On the Rise?

Recent NEA reports suggesting the decline of reading as a pastime in America, its remarkable recovery, and the profound effect of reading on our culture.

ManaRemedies: Help Kids (B)e-Healthy

Suggestions for reducing screen time and increasing healthy activities for kids, including reading and play!